If you look up the top five coolest jobs to have, being a photographer always lands around number two or three.  Its true, just google it!  And I have to agree, it is a great job.  What makes it so wonderful is the people you come in contact with.  Whether  it be shooting a wedding or commercial ad photo, the relationships make the career.

My back ground early on was in art and design.  Understanding drawing concepts and color combinations just fell into place when I started using a camera in college.  Once  my first image was published, I was hooked and just couldn’t go anywhere without a camera.  Hard to believe that was fifteen years ago!  Since then, I have been across the country and back again shooting all kinds of things such as weddings, racing, portraits, landscapes, and national sales ads.  In order to have fresh ideas I think it is detrimental to be diverse in subject matter.  If not, the end product starts to all look the same.

Thank you for taking a look at Garry Eller Photography.  I hope to speak with you soon about a future project.


Garry Eller

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree – Communication Studies – Gardner-Webb University
  • Art minor – Gardner-Webb University

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