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Most photographers I know started shooting very young. I however took a different route. For as long as I can remember, pencils and paint brushes were the tools I used to create images. It wasn’t until I was in college that I found a camera. It was a perfect marriage! I could still use all the creative techniques I had from the art world, but now I had this little mechanism to look through. I could change lenses and add flash to capture moments and create pictures. Needless to say, I was hooked. From that moment on, I wanted to be a pro. A summer photo internship at my local paper was incredible. Those guys had been at it for longer than I’d been alive. It brought new meaning to “professional”. Wayne Hinshaw and James Barringer taught me to be ready, on time, and take care of the deadline. These are all things that really have nothing to do with the camera, but are often over looked when shopping for a good photographer. Since those days at the paper, I have had the great opportunity to work on many projects across the country. Each job may be different, but they get the same attention to detail and work ethic from me. I never saw my parents miss a day of work in close to 40 years. They taught me to be driven and respectful to everyone I encounter. So that’s how I treat each bride, assignment or client. Those attributes have allowed me to be a full time professional photographer since 1998. I thank God everyday for the opportunity to work and do what I love. I have truly been blessed by his grace. My wife is my best friend and I try my best every day to be the hero my two boys think I am.

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